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The Wisdom to Know the Difference: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workbook for Overcoming Substance Abuse

If you have struggled with alcoholism or addiction to other drugs. Welcome.

If you have wondered if you should stop or wondered if you could stop. Welcome.

If you have been put off by being confronted about your use of alcohol or other drugs. Welcome.

You will find no confrontation on this site or in this book. If you have been given a beating by the world, or by yourself, this book is an invitation to let go of that.

The book is an invitation to gently, and in kindness, begin the process of transforming your life.

In 1985, I myself came to a crossroads. I was too weary to go on and too afraid to stop. This book carries a message, directly from me to you. You do not have to live this way any more. You can stop.


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